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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Emacs Snippets: Syntax Highlighted HTML

For this blog and a few other uses, I regularly need some piece of source code nicely formatted in HTML. Emacs already provides a toolchain for that with the htmlfontify package. Sadly, that package both only works on whole buffers, and always adds the same kind of huge header and footer. I need neither. I already have the CSS around, and I want to add the HTML into some other page.

So, the following command will create a temporary buffer, and insert pre-wrapped HTML of the current region (if active) or the whole buffer (if not) there.

Simple, useful.

(defun fc-htmlfontify-buffer-or-region ()
  "Show the current buffer or region if active as HTML in a temporary buffer.

This uses `htmlfontify'."
  (let ((hfy-page-footer (lambda (filename)
        (hfy-page-header (lambda (filename stylesheet)
    (if (region-active-p)
        (let ((text (buffer-substring (region-beginning)
            (insert text)
            (switch-to-buffer (htmlfontify-buffer))))
      (switch-to-buffer (htmlfontify-buffer)))))