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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Go for a walk

When was the last time you did a leisure walk? If you just said “oh, yesterday,” then this text might not be for you, but most people seem to not have the time for that. I was one of them. I changed, and I’m happy for that.

Mental Justification

Our brains work in wicked ways. They will pick something as their truth, and work hard at finding justification for it. You keep waking up late? I’m sure your brain has lots of reasons for you why that is the case. And most of them are, of course, out of your control. You don’t do sports? Your brain will happily provide you with dozens of reasons on why you really can’t do any sports even if you’d like to, and you can’t really do anything about it.

That’s how brains work. It’s not bad that they do, it helps in many situations, but it’s not always the best approach. It’s important that we train ourselves to distinguish between the cases when our brain is just trying to help us with reasons, and when it’s actually right. It’s not magic, it’s a simple skill that needs practice.

Start with leisure walks. They’re great to get your thoughts off work or some hobby. They’re actually good for your fitness. And nature can be so beautiful. There is no good reason why you can’t do a leisure walk at least once a week.

So why don’t you do a leisure walk? Go through that list and figure out how your brain is tricking you on each and every step there.

(People in wheelchairs excluded and similar disabilities excluded. Sorry.)

Typical Excuses

I have no time. Yes you do. A leisure walk can be as short as 20 minutes. You do have that time. If you seriously don’t, you are working too much. You are living very unhealthy. You need to change that. Incidentally, a leisure walk is a good way to cool down and breath after a stressful day. Do it.

My legs hurt when I walk. (Similar: I'm unfit; I'm too fat) Likely, your walking technique is bad and you lack practice. What you feel is normal. Try to practice walking with rolling over your whole foot. It’ll change your experience tremendously. If that pain does not go away, please do see a doctor. You are ill, and if you don’t see a doctor, you will be worse off after a while. Incidentally, walking is a great way to get rid of a lot of illnesses.

It’s bad weather. It’s always raining? I doubt it. Wait a bit, or a few days, it’ll clear up. Go for a walk when the weather is ok, don’t wait for the greatest weather ever. Fresh air is good, it does not have to be sunny or hot outside.


If your doctor said not to take a walk, listen to her, not me, ok? Thanks.