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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Circe 1.2 released

Version 1.2 of Circe, the Client for IRC in Emacs, has been released.

Read more about Circe on its homepage: https://github.com/jorgenschaefer/circe/wiki

Circe is available from Marmalade.


  • Channel name shortening has been improved a lot, resulting in #emacs and #emacs-circe being shortened to #e and #e-c respectively.
  • /WL (who left) will now show the nicks in a single line, making the output a lot more readable.
  • New CTCP queries supported: SOURCE and CLIENTINFO.
  • New command: /CLEAR. This will delete all text in a chat buffer.
  • Lurker handling has been improved a lot and should get confused less often now.
  • Query buffers now are renamed to reflect the queried user’s nick when that users is seen to change their nick.
  • Non-blocking connects are disabled by default in win32, as that doesn’t work there and caused errors.
  • Added a new circe-message-handler-table which can be used instead of circe-receive-message-functions.
  • Display handling was rewritten, and circe-display-handler now allows for lists in addition to functions, replacing the old circe-format-strings special case.
  • The way Circe displays messages has been changed. The new list circe-message-option-functions is used to collect options. See the docstring for more information.
  • Recent channel user handling has been reworked to be more consistent. In the process, circe-parted-users-timeout was renamed to circe-channel-recent-users-timeout.
  • Duration strings won’t be empty anymore.
  • The active channels are now shown in different places in the mode line to make more sense.
  • circe-fool-face is now not bold anymore to avoid unwanted attention when combined with other faces.
  • And a number of bugfixes.
  • XEmacs is not supported anymore. Sorry. No one here uses it, so the code didn’t work anyhow.

Thanks go to Taylan Ulrich B, John Foerch, Pi and Donald Curtis for their contributions.