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Friday, August 22, 2014

Circe 1.4 released

I just released version 1.4 of Circe, a Client for IRC in Emacs.

The package is available from github and MELPA unstable, even though the latter will track further development changes, so use at your own risk.

Due to the sorry state of Emacs Lisp package archives, I am currently unable to do an actual release of Circe.


  • Non-blocking TLS connections. Circe now supports secure TLS connections to IRC servers without blocking during the connect. (Thanks to defanor for the patches!)
  • PEP (Python Enhancement Proposals) mentions are now buttonized by default, like RFCs and SRFIs.
  • URLs are now buttonized with the logic from the built-in thingatpt.el library.
  • Topic changes are highlighted correctly. Before, Circe would show diffs for topics one older than the last.
  • Circe will now try a random nick when the server says that the initial nick is erraneous. This could happen when the server set a collision-avoiding nick, and Circe tried to retain it after a reconnect.
  • The lui-logging module can now easily be enabled or disabled globally.
  • The new option circe-server-buffer-name can be used to influence the name of the server buffer, especially useful for people using the same bouncer for multiple networks. This can also be set on a per-network basis.