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Friday, February 26, 2016

Circe 2.2 released

We just released version 2.2 of Circe, a Client for IRC in Emacs.

The package is available from github, MELPA stable and MELPA unstable. The latter will track further development changes, so use at your own risk.


  • Server configuration now accepts the :reduce-lurker-spam keyword to set that variable.
  • Lui now supports inline markup with *bold* and similar. Customize lui-formatting-list for this.
  • lui-add-input is a new function to tell lui about new input that did not originate from lui itself. It is added to the history.
  • Circe now adds the argument to /query to the chat history of a query buffer.
  • The new variables lui-time-stamp-time and lui-time-stamp-zone allow programmers to customize the time zone for time stamps in lui.
  • And lots of bug fixes.

Thanks to Tom Willemse and Vasilij Schneidermann for their contributions.